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The Digital Shayar - Poetry Open Mic in Delhi

The Digital Shayar is an Open Mic Platform based in Delhi that conducts Open Mic Poetry Event in Delhi on Sunday where you can perform Poetry, Shayari, Storytelling, Singing, Stand Up Comedy and much more. If you have a dream to show your talent in front of the world then you can contact us through WhatsApp or make a phone call 9953289601. We never judge your content and always give chance to everyone for perform with us. So, if you are in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and searching a Poetry open mic platform, you can contact us.

The concept of
The Digital Shayar open mic events has gained popularity in recent years, especially among poets who are looking for new ways to share their work. The Digital Shayar Open Mic events provide a great opportunity for poets to perform in front of a virtual audience, allowing them to reach people from all over the world.

The Digital Shayar Open Mic events are often organized by poets or poetry groups, who advertise the event through social media platforms. Poets can register for the event by submitting their work and sharing it on social media with relevant hashtags. Once the event begins, poets are invited to share their poetry, which is often accompanied by live music or other forms of artistic expression.

One of the benefits of The Digital Shayar Open Mic events is that they offer a safe and inclusive space for poets from all backgrounds to express themselves. They also provide an opportunity for new and emerging poets to showcase their work and connect with other poets and writers.

The Digital Shayar Open Mic events have also played a key role in promoting the art of poetry and literature to wider audiences. They have created a platform for poets to share their work and build their following, which can help to create a larger audience for poetry.

In conclusion, The Digital Shayar Open Mic events have become an important platform for poets and writers to showcase their work and connect with a wider audience. They offer a safe and inclusive space for poets to express themselves and help to promote the art of poetry and literature to a wider audience. So, if you're a poet or a writer, consider participating in The Digital Shayar Open Mic event and showcase your work to the world.

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Great Performance experience of You with us

better experience with The Digital Shayar. Good platform to perform poetry, shayari, storytelling or standup comedy

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Sunita Singh Reet

Wonderful experience, Best platform for our new generation who want to share their views or want to Showcase their talent.

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Prakul Chauhan

Great and well organised event. Community is good and I am glad to be a part of this community. I'm excited for your next event.

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Anurag Maheshwari

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The Digital Shayar, 2nd Floor, Old Mehrauli Rd, Block A, Raj Nagar I, Palam, New Delhi, Delhi 110045